The Wampus in Nitro Type (All You Need to Know)

The Wampus is a Nitro Type bot that types at 100 words per minute. Beat it and you can win 50,000 Nitro Type dollars.

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The Wampus is a rare NPC (non-playable character) in Nitro Type—a typing game where players can win races by typing the fastest.

If you can beat The Wampus, you can win 50,000 Nitro Type dollars. On top of that, there are achievements players can win if they beat The Wampus multiple times.

According to Merriam-Webster, a ‘wampus’ is “a strange, objectionable, or monstrous person or thing.”

There is also a creature called the ‘wampus cat’ in American folklore. Despite this, The Wampus looks more like a possum and wears a gold chain.

If you’re new to Nitro Type, I wrote an explainer article about the game and briefly covered The Wampus back in August 2022.

Nitro Type Wampus Account

The Wampus has a profile page just like a regular Nitro Type player and is the only bot to have one. There are several things we can see from The Wampus’s account.

Two cars can be seen in The Wampus’s garage. The ‘Wampus’ itself and a Liberty Model H. This suggests that The Wampus is not interested in collecting cars, only racing.

The Wampus's garage.

The Wampus is a Nitro Type Gold member. Despite this, it has its own tag “You’ll Never Beat Me!

The Wampus's profile title.

On top of that, The Wampus is the only member and team captain of the ‘WampusPostalService,’ [WPS].

The WampusPostalService Nitro Type team.

You can check out The Wampus’s account here.

Who Is Wampus in Nitro Type?

The Wampus is a bot, not a single person. The Nitro Type admins are the only people with access to this account.

You can send The Wampus a friend request, but it will be rejected. We can assume that The Wampus was designed to be egotistical and elitist unless you beat it.

It can also be assumed that because The Wampus has an average WPM (word per minute) and a top WPM of 100, this is what it is designed to do.

The Wampus's top and average WPM.

In many ways, The Wampus is not so much a racer but a challenge within the game—‘can you type over 100 WPM consistently enough to win?’

Can You Get the Wampus Car in Nitro Type?

No, it is not possible to get The Wampus’s car—also called ‘Wampus’—in Nitro Type. It is made specifically for The Wampus and it’s the only car they race.

This perhaps makes the Wampus car the most unique car in the game whilst also being very well-known.

According to the Wampus car’s page on Fandom, it is classed as a “LEGENDARY” car and has a value of 0 Nitro Type dollars.

The Wampus car.

It is also not possible to join the WampusPostalService team either. Again, playing to the idea that The Wampus is supposed to be a mean and elitist character.

One young YouTuber by the name of Huddy Murray did manage to show how you could fool your friends into thinking you had The Wampus’s car.

It involves replacing the image using HTML, but this is only a visual trick. It will not last and as soon as you click off the page or refresh, it will disappear.

The image name for the Wampus car is ‘97_small_1.png.’ Note that most of the cars on Nitro Type have a number associated with them.

Can You Hack the Wampus in Nitro Type?

No, if you could hack The Wampus, everyone would be doing it.

The Wampus has been hacked before. According to a page on The Wampus on Fandom, The Wampus’s account appeared to be hacked in 2019.

This user changed The Wampus’s name to “ᴹᴼᵘˢᵉℜ” and then “ThePetMouseofTravis.” After this several other odd things happened too.

The Wampus’s team, the WPS, was shut down, the Wampus car was repainted, and the account’s other cars were sold (users could still sell cars back then).

The hacker, who may be known as SaberToothedTiger on YouTube, uploaded an eight-minute video of themselves hacking into The Wampus’s account.

Not long after, The Wampus’s account was locked, and its stats were returned to normal.

Since then, the developers have likely made The Wampus’s credentials extremely difficult to hack, and other precautions are likely in place to prevent hackers.

Furthermore, we can assume from the 2019 hack that the admins can detect when someone breaks into The Wampus’s account and can quickly put a stop to it all.

It’s also worth pointing out that hacking the Wampus is likely quite pointless. Its account will probably not have much interesting information.

Lastly, you cannot send yourself the Wampus car nor send yourself money, so even if you did have access to these things, there’s little you could do with it.

How Rare Is the Wampus in Nitro Type?

The Wampus is not too rare, the more you play Nitro Type, the more you will see it.

At the time of writing, The Wampus’s account says that it has completed a total of 1,337 races and that it has been active since September 8th, 2011.

That gives you somewhat of an idea of how rare The Wampus is to come across. In approximately 11 years, The Wampus has competed in 121.5 races per year.

However, do bear in mind that Nitro Type has been revamped numerous times over the years. So, certain stats may have been impacted.

How to Make the Wampus Appear in Nitro Type?

The Wampus usually appears at the last moment when Nitro Type is getting racers together, typically appearing as the fifth racer.

With this in mind, you are probably more likely to race The Wampus in races of five players.

According to a Nitro Type player on Fandom by the username Coinroke, your chances of racing The Wampus are increased if you race on the test site.

They explain that there are not many racers on the test site and much of the time, you will race against bots, suggesting that this will increase your chances of racing against The Wampus.

However, there is little evidence to support this. We don’t know if Nitro Type treats bots and players any differently, or where the players race either.

Most likely, The Wampus has been configured to play a certain number of races and doesn’t factor in player traits or actions.

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