The Best Books to Learn CSS3

These books about CSS3 will help you become the web designer you were meant to be.

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The Best Books To Learn CSS3 Markup

One of the first steps toward learning to be a web designer and full-stack developer is to first learn how to style documents. 

Learning how to style HTML documents with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a great first step toward this, and CSS3 is latest and greatest specification for this rule-based style sheet language.

It builds on the previous CSS2 specification with a lot of improvements that make it far easier for you to create beautiful and responsive web pages without the need for JavaScript or jQuery.

If you want to learn CSS3, we rounded up the best books to help you. So let’s check them out!

Best CSS3 Books 

Now, let’s get into it and look at the best books that you can use to learn CSS3 style sheets!

CSS3 For Web Designers

This book was written by one of the co-founders of Dribbble, one of the most used social networking platforms used by digital creators and designers, Dan Cederholm.

His portfolio doesn’t stop there as he is also responsible for co-founding SimpleBits, a design company that creates handmade fonts and has also worked with huge clients including names like Google and YouTube. 

If there’s anyone who knows about CSS3 and how important it is, then it’s Dan Cederholm. 

His visionary talent has allowed him to make a huge business out of design and writing, so it should come as no surprise to see his name on our list.

The book we have chosen to recommend is CSS3 For Web Designers, a great piece of media that not only helps you understand CSS3 but also how it works and can be used to improve web designs. 

Dan dives into explaining different CSS3 techniques and how you can then use those techniques to improve areas of your website including typography and animations.

The writing is concise and clear so it’s very easy to follow and understand, making it a great eye-opener for those who want to learn more about CSS3 specifically. 

Not only that but Dan released an updated version recently so the book stays on track and responds to the trends that follow CSS3 and web design in general.

This means that CSS3 For Web Designers remains relevant with current times and trends as they progress. 

So, this means that this is one book that you need to pick up if you want to master CSS3.

HTML5 And CSS3 For Dummies

The ‘For Dummies’ series is a great place to start when looking for informative textbooks that cover all the basics around a certain topic -and HTML5 and CSS3 are no exception. 

This book gives you a thorough introduction to both HTML5 and CSS3, and it does so in a simple manner that anyone can follow along with.

The author has done a good job of explaining each concept clearly and concisely, making this a perfect starting point for any beginner who wants to get up to speed quickly. 

The fundamentals of both topics are covered with amazing detail plus it goes on to look at how you can use other software like JavaScript and Ajax to produce dynamic web pages using both CSS3 and HTML5. 

By looking closer at the two, you can learn more about each type of language and decide which one is more advantageous for you to use for web development. 

This makes this book a great reference point for beginners and it can be revisited by professionals who may want to even try combining both CSS3 and HTML5 for a more optimized outcome. 

The latest edition of this book is currently the 3rd edition but future updates may be done to keep the information within the book relevant and applicable to today’s trends.

This makes it a great choice for any budding web designers to pick up and use to enhance their creations. 

HTML & CSS For Beginners

Learning to code and program can be a daunting process but by using HTML5 & CSS3 For Beginners, you can cut down that process so you can start your business much sooner.

It’s a part of the many sources given by the iCode Academy,  which aims to help others learn more and more about coding to enhance their prospects.

This guide to CSS3 and HTML5 programming explains everything clearly and concisely that any newbie will understand. 

While the first section of the book is dedicated to HTML5, the latter half focuses on CSS3 and how it can be used for a range of features including styling borders, lists, texts, and formatting layouts. 

Everything is simplified so it’s easy to follow and understand, plus there is also lots of useful information on HTML5 that you may also find useful and educational. 

Despite that, this is one of the best books that covers CSS3 as it’s great for beginners and does a great job of showing just how you can apply this programming to improve your web designs. 

However, it’s important to remember that this is a beginner’s book and so, those who are already more familiar with CSS3 may find it repetitive – but this is because you probably already have the basics nailed down!

So, this book is much more suited for beginners to the topic of CSS3.

Murach’s HTML5 And CSS3 (5th Edition)

In this book, you’ll discover the most recent developments in HTML5 and CSS3.

The writers of this textbook, Anna Boehm and Zak Rubvalcaba (two great tutors when it comes to computing and programming) are constantly updating this work so it is always relevant with all the latest information and trends, so it’s best to be always on the lookout for their latest edition. 

This edition is (as of right now) their latest update that covers all the essentials when it comes to HTML5 and CSS, including CSS3.

It is a book that appeals to web designers as well as JavaScript programmers as it covers how both programs can be used in a range of different ways. 

This means that this guide goes beyond just its visual effects with transitions, animations, and images – it also shows how CSS3 is used for usability and deployment. 

So, this textbook is rich with detail and information – which is why so many web designers pick up this book to reference and learn.

It not only tells you about HTML and CSS right from the basics but shows you how to incorporate its use so your web pages are high quality and very efficient. 

It is a pretty meaty book but it has everything you could need when learning about CSS3. 

What You Need To Look For

A lot of CSS3 books are contained in larger works that cover CSS as a whole, while others may be more dedicated to CSS3 alone.

While the books that only cover CSS3 are sure to look more in-depth into the topic, you don’t need to dismiss other texts that branch out into other areas. 

It might be more beneficial for you to learn more about industry practices and other codes through textbooks that cover more topics other than just CSS3 books.

This is because CSS3 tends to bleed into other subjects so you may learn more about CSS3 while reading a section on user experience design or product design. 

Other important topics to look for include content presentation and layout. 

So, with that covered, let’s take a look at some useful books that can help you learn about CSS3! 


There you have it – our top recommended books to use to learn about CSS3. These books cover everything you need to know about CSS3 to get started with creating and designing websites.

They are each fantastic resources that are sure to help you create beautiful sites that look amazing.

So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

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