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APRIL 13, 2022 — Maker’s Aid, the magazine for people who make stuff online, today announces the acquisition of was originally created as a CSS performance testing tool. Later, it expanded into publishing CSS tips, tricks, and techniques. The tool was eventually discontinued.

Visitors looking for a CSS performance testing tool are encouraged to check out the Maker’s Aid’s round-up of The Best Tools for Your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code.

Visitors looking for how-to guides are invited to the “CSS” section at Maker’s Aid, which covers all things web development.

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The acquisition of was driven by Maker’s Aid’s ambition and appetite to become the go-to site for web designers and web developers looking to improve their knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

“We welcome everyone who bookmarked this tool in our Coding section,” said Jim Stonos, Founding Editor, “where we publish helpful and practical content about a number of markup and scripting languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”

“Stick around,” Stonos added, “our plan is to build courses and tools for UX designers and front-end developers, which we hope will be very useful to the previous users of this tool.”

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Maker’s Aid is a magazine for people who make stuff online.

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