How to Import a PowerPoint Presentation in Canva

Start your slide deck in PowerPoint, then beautify it in Canva. This tutorial will show you how, with video.

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So you’re wondering if you can create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, then import it into Canva and make it beautiful?

Why, yes, you can!

To import a PowerPoint presentation into Canva, simply go to, then drag and drop the .ppt or .pptx file into the browser window and wait for it to upload.

Once the slide deck is done uploading, you can open it and edit it slide by slide in Canva’s presentation editor.

Here’s how this goes:

It’s important to note that, for the time being, you can only do this when you use Canva from your web browser.

According to Canva’s help section, you can upload .ppt and .pptx files up to 50 megabytes large and with no more than 100 slides each.

If your PowerPoint presentation contains charts, SmartArt, WordArt, or 3D objects, these objects are not supported by Canva and they will be ignored during upload.

It’s normal for some of your fonts to be different and some of the objects in your slide deck to appear out of place. It’s best that you go through each slide in your deck and make sure that it looks and feels the way you want it to.

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