How to Flip Text in Canva

The long answer short? You can’t. But this tutorial will show you how to do it with a workaround nevertheless.

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Canva will let you do all sorts of things with the text elements in your designs, from animations to curves. But for some reason that escapes me, it won’t let you flip them.

The good news is that there is a workaround for flipping text in Canva and it works surprisingly well. And I’m about to show it to you, step by step and with screenshots, in this tutorial.

How to Flip Text in Canva

To flip text in Canva, download the text with a transparent background as an .svg file. Then upload the .svg file back to Canva, insert it as an element in your design, and flip it.

Here’s how this goes step by step:

Step 1: Select your design’s background and remove it temporarily by pressing the Control + X buttons on a Windows PC or Cmd + X buttons on a macOS computer.

Step 2: Download your design as an .svg file with a transparent background. Then press Control + V on Windows or Cmd + V on macOS to restore the background in your design.

Step 3: Delete the text element from your design. Then upload the .svg file, insert it in place of the text element, and flip it.

How This Works

You can’t flip text in Canva, but you can download the text in your design as an image, then upload it back into the tool and flip it as you wish.

You’re downloading the text as an .svg file because .svg images are vector images, which means you can make them bigger or smaller without them losing quality and becoming blurry.

Bear in mind that once you’ve downloaded the text as an image with a transparent background and uploaded it to Canva, you can no longer edit it. If you want to make changes to the text, you’ll have to start from scratch and go through all the steps in this tutorial again.

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