How Many Discords Can You Join?

Standard accounts can join 100 while Nitro users can join 200. But you can have multiple accounts and use more than one device.

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How Many Discords Can You Join?

The world of Discord is humongous with an immeasurable number of servers covering a vast variety of topics and talking points.

For some of us with a mixed bag of interests, it can be frustrating to know you’ll never be able to join them all—there are just too many. (Got a supercomputer handy?) 

So, how many Discord servers can you be a part of? The answer is ‘a lot,’ perhaps more than you’d ever want, but it’ll take you a few extra steps to get to that God-like amount.

How Many Discord Servers Are There?

According to Cloudwards’ 2022 Discord trends report, there are over approximately 19 million active Discord servers weekly.

So, with that in mind, the total number of servers is likely significantly higher.

Cloudwards also note that approximately 850 of these servers are “dedicated to voice and video calls” and that about 90% of servers have less than 15 people.

Is There a Limit to How Many Discord Servers You Can Join?

Yes, the average user has a limit of 100 servers they can join per account while Nitro users can join up to 200 per account.

How Many Discord Servers Can You Join a Day?

There is no set number of Discord servers you can join in a day. The number is the same—a max of 100 for regular users and 200 for Nitro users.

It doesn’t matter if you join that number in a single day or a single lifetime.

How to Check How Many Servers You Are in Discord?

You can see all the servers you are in on the left side of the application (both desktop and mobile). Unfortunately, you’d have to count them all to know the exact number.

Discord may also notify you when you are getting close to the limit. (Most likely if you’re a regular user and they want to promote Nitro to you.)

Can You Be In Two Discords at Once?

You can be in several Discords at once, but not on the same Discord app or window—Discord doesn’t strictly support this functionality.

There are many ways to be in two or more Discords at the same time. Some of these methods you can even combine.

Perhaps the most obvious way you could log into two or more accounts is by logging into one account from your phone and another from your laptop.

But if you’d prefer to use only one device, like your laptop, it may be much easier to use multiple browsers and log in to different accounts in each browser.

On some browsers, you can log in through a regular window and then open an Incognito window and log into another account. ‘Stack’ is one such example.

There are even mobile apps that allow users to log into apps, including Discord, multiple times with different accounts.

Theoretically, you could log in to 10 or more accounts simultaneously using just a laptop and a phone.

Can You Switch Between Two Discord Accounts?

Yes, switching between two Discord accounts can be done by clicking on your profile and then ‘Switch Accounts.’

The 'Switch Accounts' option on Discord.

Switching between accounts can be a useful way to join more servers if you have reached your limit. (And separate your interests.)

There is no limit to the number of Discord accounts you can have, though each account must have a different email address.

Can You Get Banned for Having Multiple Discord Accounts?

Discord is notoriously lax about using multiple accounts (it’s a built-in feature), but there are some rules. If you use your accounts to spam or bully users, those accounts will get banned.

Arguably, this is not enough to stop bullies from harassing people indefinitely. If they get banned, they simply create another account and do it all over again.

Make sure you read Discord’s terms of service to fully understand what kinds of behavior and activity could get you banned.

How Many Servers Can I Join in Discord?

With all that in mind, the hypothetical number of Discords you can join could be around 1,500 to 2,000 servers, but you’ll need multiple devices, accounts, apps, and browsers.

Let’s say you had at least five browsers on your laptop, each account with Nitro, that’s 200 servers each, a total of 1,000 servers. (Remember each account needs an email address!)

Then if you had a tablet and a mobile, both with an app capable of switching two between two accounts and all accounts with Nitro, it could be 800 servers.

That’s 1,800 servers across three devices!

In the end, though, it comes down to how many devices you have and how much memory you can spare for each account you have open.

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