How to Hide Comments From Your Kajabi Product

Don’t want comments in your Kajabi course? Here’s how to hide them altogether.

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You’re here, that is, which means you’re setting up a Kajabi product and you want to know how to hide the comments section from its individual posts.

My business partner and I have been trying out Kajabi for a course we’re working on, and, since I’m not keen on having comments on every module and lesson, I found myself asking the same question.

To learn how to do this, I had to spend hours searching the Internet for a good solution. To my surprise, I didn’t find much useful information out there on the subject—so I thought I’d write this blog post for anyone who, like me, is facing the same challenge.

Now, how do you hide the comments section from your Kajabi product? My short and sweet guide to help you answer this question can be found below.

Keep on reading if that’s what you came here to find out.

Hiding Comments From Your Kajabi Product

Yes, you can hide the comments from your Kajabi product so that they don’t show up for your course’s customers at all. To do so, go to each product post and make sure the comments section’s visibility is set to “Hidden.”

You will then need to repeat this step for every product post in every product category.

Here’s how to do this in four simple steps:

Step 1. Go to You will be asked to log into your Kajabi account and, on successful login, Kajabi will open up the admin panel.

Step 2. From the sidebar to the left, under “Products,” click on “All Products:”

Step 3. Click on the product you want to hide the comments section for. The product categories and product posts will show up:

Sadly, it seems like you can’t disable comments on your product —or product category—altogether. Instead, you need to go into each product post, hiding the comments post-by-post.

So hover over the right half of the product post you want to hide the comments section for, and the “Edit” button with the pencil icon will pop up.

(In the example above, to disable the comments section for “My product’s first post,” I had to hover over that post and click on the “Edit” button next to it.)

Step 4. Click on the “Edit” icon. When you do so, the editor for that product page will open up.

Scroll down until you see a section titled “Comment” in the sidebar to the right. To hide the comments section from that product post, simply set the radio button to “Hidden.”

Don’t forget to hit the blue “Save” button in the top right corner:

What about the other two options?

If you set the comments to “Visible,” the comments section will show up in this product post, and your course’s customers will be able to post comments underneath it.

If you set the comments to “Locked,” the comments section will how up in this product post. Your course’s customers will be able to see any previous comments, but they won’t be able to post new ones.

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