18 Web Design YouTube Channels to Binge on Right Now

Find the perfect web design inspiration with this roundup of the best web design channels on YouTube.

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18 Web Design YouTube Channels You Need To Watch

Learning how to design and develop websites professionally can be a little tricky, especially if you’re still learning and don’t know all that much about web design in the first place!

Besides, even if you’re an experienced web designer—and you’ve seen this or that—you sometimes need a little inspiration from other pros in your industry.

Well, let’s just say you’re in luck!

Through the power of technology and the Internet, there’s a ton of great web design content for you to binge on.

One great way to do this is by checking out YouTube, the second-biggest search engine on the web and millions’ of users favorite source of distraction.

There are loads of channels and content creators using this platform to give out vital information that you can use to improve your knowledge of web design and give your skills a boost. 

Here, we are going to go through our favorite YouTube channels that are dedicated to helping out their viewers with topics like web design, development, and coding.

So, check out the links below to see if any of these YouTube channels are the key to you unlocking your future in web design.

Traversy Media

This YouTube channel is one of the largest when it comes to web design and development. 

First set up by Brad Traversy way back in 2009, Traversy Media now has a total of 1.84 million subscribers and has covered a huge range of topics over the years when it comes to courses for programming languages including Python, Angular, and Node. 

Not only can you use this YouTube channel to learn how to use these programming languages yourself, but Traversy Media also covers how to build projects using different software and tackles common problems and issues web developers face in their day-to-day work. 

So, for great tutorials and guidance, Traversy Media is a channel to check out! 


When you search for terms like ‘web design’ and ‘web development’ – the first channel that will pop up is Flux, and it’s super easy to see why. 

This YouTube channel is one of the leading channels when it comes to covering topics of web design and is sure to teach you lots of great tips! 

Derek Banas

Another great tutorial channel for important and useful tools for web designers and developers is Derek Banas. 

This channel was set up in 2008 and since then, Derek Banas has covered hours of tutorials on a range of topics including learning Japanese to Algebra.

For web development, Derek Banas also has playlists with hours of content that can teach you how to use programming languages like Python.

Not only that but there are also playlists with tutorials for Java, HTML, WordPress, Photoshop, and more. 

So, if you want a channel that covers a range of topics that can all apply to you and your work in different ways, Derek Banas is the channel for you! 


This channel may be one of the smaller ones on our list but there is a lot of guidance and information available through this YouTube channel.

DevTips began in 2013 and now has a total of 360,000 subscribers with weekly uploads that cover a range of web design and development topics. 

For example, DevTips goes beyond tutorials for programming and coding but also covers making subscriptions, office set-ups, finding great fonts for your website, using programs like Adobe and Java, and more! 

Each video is between ten to twenty minutes long so it’s great for bite-sized videos of information that you can watch in your spare time. 


There are a lot of different software out there that you can use to make multiple web projects and designs, but this often means that web designers are constantly looking for in-depth tutorials that cover how to use each software and how they apply to the design process. 

Because of this, LevelUpTuts has become a fundamental YouTube channel for web designers because they have uploaded hundreds of tutorials covering software like WordPress, JavaScript, Stylus, Sketch, and so many more.

There are tons of informational videos here that are sure to cover the exact issue you want to solve. 

So, LevelUpTuts is a YouTube channel to check out! 

Web Dev Simplified 

Practicality is a huge skill to have for web design and development, and so this YouTube channel has grown a following of all those who want to achieve that goal in their business. 

Web Dev Simplified covers a lot of information about coding languages and software that many web designers use, which is why so many check into this channel.

There are lots of videos on offer that range in length from a few minutes to over an hour of information and content. 

Web Dev Simplified even covers surprising topics and asks tricky questions like if there are any benefits to running a website slowly, or how switching to certain software may not be the best choice. 

Some videos cover crash courses for basic languages and software so there is plenty of content to check out on this channel. 

Jesse Showalter

This YouTube channel is run by Jesse Showalter, a web designer and a frontend web developer from Hawaii.

This means that when it comes to information about web design – Jesse knows what he’s talking about. 

A lot of his videos cover topics including using software like Webflow and designing systems, as well as using plug-ins and coming up with effective color scenes.

Not only that but Jesse also covers more complex topics like finances, UXPin, typography, and personal issues that a lot of web designers face like imposter syndrome. 

Watching Jesse’s videos gives you a great insight into life as a web designer by giving you plenty of inspiration, guidance, and useful information for both your work and personal life aspects. 

Coder Coder

In a similar vein to Jesse Showalter, this YouTube channel is another great choice for those who want practical advice when it comes to working as a web designer. 

Run by actual coder and web designer Jessica, this channel covers a range of different topics that cover coding, CSS, HTML, and a lot of other important languages and software.

Plus, Jessica has also covered topics like research and planning websites as well as a lot of more personal topics like how you can stay motivated as a coder so you can keep on track with your work. 

Jessica is fun and cheery so her videos are fun to watch and there is plenty of content available for you to enjoy. 


For some great tutorials for Python programming, The NewBoston is a go-to channel to use for both frontend and backend languages.

This means that it’s an appropriate channel for both pros and beginners when it comes to web development as their videos cover a lot of different programming languages. 

TheNewBoston is usually recommended as one of the best channels for beginner-level tutorials for programming languages so many use this as a springboard into free website learning.

However, the channel has dipped its toe into some other topics that aren’t applicable so you may have to click on specific playlists to get the content you want. 

Despite that, TheNewBoston has lots of in-depth tutorials that are very easy to follow so it’s a great starting point for a lot of newbies who are interested in web design and development. 


With nearly a million subscribers, DesignCourse is one of the most recommended YouTube channels when it comes to covering web design topics. 

Not only does DesignCourse cover important visual design topics like color schemes and negative space, but this channel also reviews designs to give feedback for free and tackles more personal topics like designer’s blocks and sources for inspiration.

There are also plenty of tutorials that cover more advanced topics like UI, frontend, and backend development. 

So, this channel is a solid choice for those who want help with not only improving the visual design of their website but also the user interface and functionality. 

Mark Rise

For 2D animation and illustration, this YouTube channel can help you learn how to apply new illusions and create effects to help bring your website’s design to life. 

A lot of web designers and developers have their niche areas of interest and expertise, so Mark Rise made his channel back in 2015 to help those seeking how to use animations and effects for their web designs.

Because the topic is pretty niche, this means that the channel is pretty small but there is plenty of useful information available here that you can utilize to your web design’s advantage. 

Mike Locke

For a channel that covers pretty much everything, Mike Locke’s YouTube channel is a high recommendation. 

Each video is enthusiastically cheerful as it’s clear to see the absolute passion Mike Locke has for this area of business.

He’s a senior UI and UX designer himself who has worked on many projects, hence why he is such an authority on topics like UI design, user interface, and design, and website usability.

Not only that but some of his videos also tackle topics including research, analytics, coding, and planning. 

There’s a lot on offer with just this one single channel so you are sure to find the answer to any question you have right here.

Layout Land

Layout Land is the channel run by the Mozilla designer and developer advocate Jen Simmons.

This makes her an expert when it comes to layouts and CSS, which is why her YouTube channel has so many hits on YouTube within the web design community. 

Although she has not uploaded in a few years, there is still plenty of relevant content and information that you should check out if you want to learn more about CSS grids.  

Sketch Together

For those who want to learn more about interface design to improve your user’s experience with your websites, then Sketch Together is a great YouTube channel to check out. 

There, you can find lots of crash courses through useful tools like Sketch App, Flinto, Framer,  and Principle App.

There are also plenty of interesting videos about UI design and advice for using Photoshop so you can optimize your work and designs. 

These videos in particular are super useful when it comes to learning how to navigate certain apps that can be so useful for your web development and design.

Plus, some niche videos focus on an illustration which can help improve the overall appearance of your designs. 


InVision is one of the biggest prototyping apps out there used by all kinds of designers and developers, including those who work with websites.

So, it makes sense to check out their YouTube channel because they have a lot of videos that cover neat tips and tricks when it comes to using InVision.

If you don’t use InVision, then this may not be the channel for you but because so many web designers do, it’s worth checking out the tutorials on offer here at InVision’s YouTube channel to see how you can optimize your work to be effective and efficient. 

Will Paterson

One of the biggest areas of web design is visual appeal and so, you need to be just as great with visual design as you are with the backend topics like coding. 

If you need to brush up on visual and interface design, then this YouTube channel is one of the best.

Run by Will Paterson, this YouTube channel focuses on designs and appeals to help make your web designs more professional and attractive.

Paterson himself pays close attention to the importance of branding and even advises on how to build your business and work as a freelancer. 

Paterson even critiques some of his subscribers’ logos and designs, giving important feedback for free that you can use to shake up your knowledge of visual design. It’s priceless information that can make the difference between a successful web design or a complete failure. 

Learn Code Academy

Learning how to write code is probably one of the biggest turn-offs when it comes to looking at web design and potentially seeking it out as a career, but this YouTube channel is fundamental when it comes to learning and understanding code. 

Learning Code Academy has a lot of tutorials on offer, including some interesting ones about CSS and HTML that you can use to learn the basics and leap onto more advanced stuff.

This YouTube channel is great for learning not only the basics but even more professional topics too when it comes to web development and coding.


This YouTube channel follows London-based web designer Charli Marie through her working life and businesses.

Because Charli Marie works in the field and has a lot of success and experience, she is one of the go-to figures for advice and information for building up successful web designs to boost businesses. 

Charli Marie focuses mainly on the business side of web design including branding, but doesn’t shy away from other important topics like which software to use (and when) and even tackles trickier topics to discuss like income. 

So, Charli Marie’s channel is one to check out for a range of topics related to web design that goes in-depth and are also pretty fun to watch too. 


So those were our top picks for web design YouTube channels that you need to try out. 

Take a look at the ones above, pick out the channels that sound like they speak the most to you, and give them a try.

Who knows, you may just find your newest favorite content creator! 

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