The Best Office Chairs for Tall People

If you’re big and tall, finding a good chair can be tricky. We’ve rounded up (and ranked) the best options to help you out.

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If you’re tall, you know how difficult it can be to find a comfortable office chair to accommodate your height. You don’t want to be stuck in a chair that’s too short and leaves your legs cramped, or one that’s too low and puts strain on your neck and back.

To help you out, we’ve done the due diligence for you and put together a selection of the best office chairs for big and tall people. These chairs are designed to provide the support and comfort you need to stay productive throughout the day, so you can grind it out without slouching your way to a bad back.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a chair with extra lumbar support, adjustable armrests, or a high back, you’re sure to find something that works for you in our roundup of the best office chairs for tall persons.

See our picks below.

Best Office Chairs for a Tall Person

Our pick
HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Ergonomic office chair with adjustable mesh headrest, lumbar support, and armrests. 4-way mesh that flexes but holds its shape, even with hours of sitting.

Image credit: Amazon

The HON Ignition 2.0 is the perfect chair for tall people who need support and comfort while working long hours in the office or at home. A heavy-duty chair, it can support up to 300 lbs (136 kg), making it ideal for those looking for a sturdy and reliable option.

This ergonomic chair is our top pick because it offers the best value for the money, with an unbeatable combination of adjustability, durability, and comfort. It just gets all of the basics right. It’s hard — if not impossible — to find a chair this good from other brands, especially at this price point.

The adjustable headrest and lumbar support, combined with the adjustable height and width of the arms, make the HON Ignition 2.0 a highly customizable office chair for tall persons that you can customize to your specific needs. The synchro-tilt and tension control also help you find a natural and secure recline and forget about your back aching.

The breathable, 4-way-stretch mesh is another highlight of this desk chair. At last, sitting for extended periods of time is a comfortable experience! There’s no need to break it in, nor does the mesh sink in and become too soft after a long day of sitting. And with dimensions of 44.5 in (1.13 m) height, 27 in width (0.68 m), and 24 in (0.6 m) depth, this chair is a great option if you’re the type of person who needs plenty of wiggle room.

Note: Are you on the bigger side? Don’t worry, our top pick’s got you. Put the HON Ignition 2.0 Big & Tall chair on top of your wishlist. This model has the same feature as the base model, but sports a weight capacity of 450 lbs (204 kg) and offers extra sit width for optimal comfort.

Splurge pick
Duorest Alpha Dual-Backrest Office Chair

The dual backrests on this office chair are designed to cradle your entire back and give proper support to your lower back, eliminating the most common causes of back pain.

Image credit: Amazon

The Duorest Alpha is the ultimate splurge pick for any tall person who values comfort above all else (and is willing to pay a premium for it).

This is an ergonomic office chair that’s all about comfort, with a weight capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg) and a synchro-tilt mechanism with a tension adjuster. The backrest tilt lock with 4 positions operable by lever, the 3-way adjustable armrest, and the two separate backrests, each individually adjustable by height and width, allow you to tweak the chair to your absolute perfect sitting position.

The Duorest Alpha is 48 in (1.2 m) high, 26 in (0.66 m) wide, and 23 in (0.58 m) deep, offering plenty of space for tall people. It takes a little bit of time to get used to adjusting the chair, but once you do, it’s hard to go back to any other chair. The dual-backrest design makes this chair unique and highly comfortable, even after sitting for long periods of time.

While this chair is noticeably pricier than our top pick, it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort. It’s designed to eliminate the causes of back pain from prolonged sitting, so you can sit for as long as you like — or need to — without having to pay a high price for it later. If comfort is a non-negotiable, have no doubt that this is one of the best chairs for tall people on the market today.

Executive pick
AmazonCommercial Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

An ergonomic executive chair with a high back and incite lumbar upholstered in bonded leather for style and comfort. Sturdy, durable, and adjustable to your needs.

Image credit: Amazon

The AmazonCommercial Executive Chair is the perfect choice for the big and tall person looking for an affordable, stylish, and highly functional executive chair. With its highly affordable bonded leather design, which you can buy in a black or white color, this chair is both environmentally friendly and looks great in any office setting.

At 40 in (1 m) high, 29.5 in (0.75 m) deep, and 28 in (0.71 m) wide, this executive provides ample space for tall people. It also supports up to 275 lbs (125 kg), making it a sturdy and reliable option for those who need a chair that can handle their weight dutifully and gracefully.

The stylish and ergonomic design of the AmazonCommercial Executive Chair, combined with optimal lumbar support and quality upholstery and padding, make it a great choice for anyone who needs comfy and supportive seating. The three-dimensional lumbar support allows you to adjust your seat to the ideal position, and the flexible tilt and 360-degree swivel make it easy to find the right seating angle.

The flip-up armrests are another neat feature of this executive office chair, allowing you to adjust the height of the armrests and lock the tilt as desired. This is a great option for anyone who needs a chair that can provide rest to their arms while facilitating portability and freedom of movement, and at great price.

How to Pick the Right Chair as a Tall Person

To say that it can be a challenge to know where to start if you’re a tall person who’s looking for a good chair would be a major understatement. I know — I’m almost 6.5 ft / 2 m tall, and I spend my whole working day typing words into the computer.

The fact that there’s tens, sometimes hundreds, of products that show up when you search for an office chair doesn’t help, either. But with the right information and a few key considerations, the good news is that you too can find the perfect chair that fits your body type, work habits, and personal preferences.

Here’s our no-B.S. guide to help you do it.

What to Look For

Height: The height of the desk chair is one of the most important factors to consider. A chair that’s too short won’t support your legs — and one that’s too tall will be uncomfortable to sit in. Look for a chair that’s adjustable and can be raised to accommodate your seated height.

Seat depth: Seat depth is another critical factor to consider. A seat that’s even a little too shallow won’t provide enough support for your legs. In contrast, a seat that’s too deep will make it difficult to get in and out of the chair. Look for a chair that’s adjustable and has a seat depth that accommodates your body shape.

Lumbar support: Good lumbar support is absolutely essential to prevent back pain and promote a good posture. Look for a chair that has adjustable lumbar support and can be positioned to support the natural curve of your spine.

Armrests: Armrests provide additional support and comfort, but they need to be adjustable to accommodate your height and body type. Otherwise, they’ll be more of a nuisance than an aide. When in doubt, look for armrests adjustable in both height and width.

Tilt and recline: A tilt and recline feature can allow you to adjust the angle of the chair to suit your needs, but it needs to be easy to use and adjustable to your weight and body type. Look for chairs with a tilt and recline feature that can be locked in place.

What to Avoid

Chairs that are just too short: Chairs that are too short won’t support your legs and can lead to discomfort and, over the long run, pain. Never go for a chair that’s not tall enough for your height, no matter how high it’s rated and what bells and whistles it’s equipped with.

Chairs that are just not adjustable enough: Chairs without adjustable features are often uncomfortable and can lead to back pain and poor posture. Avoid chairs that don’t have adjustable lumbar support, armrests, and tilt and recline features. The more, the better.

Chairs made of poor quality materials: Chairs made of poor quality materials will wear out faster than expected and can break down when you least expected them to. Avoid chairs made of flimsy materials that won’t stand the test of time.

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