2024‘s Best Home Office Desks for Multiple Monitors

When you want to (or need to) use multiple monitors, getting the right desk can be essential. So we rounded up the best for you.

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Whether you’re a designer, programmer, or writer, or you just need to use more than one app simultaneously for your work, having multiple monitors at the same time can be a life-changer.

You no longer have to switch between windows and tabs and you get all the information you need right in front of you, which makes it easier to stay focused and get things done efficiently.

Anyone who’s been using multiple monitors for any period of time will tell you that the biggest benefit is the sheer amount of work you can get done: Productivity skyrockets when we have all the information we need right in front of our eyes rather than having to go digging to find it. 

Monitors can be quite large, however, and most regular office desks will often only be designed to support one rather than two or three of them.

It’s important, therefore, that you know what you’re looking for in an office desk when you want to have multiple monitors set up at once and to make this job easier.

We spent 12 hours researching, scrutinizing, and rounding up the best office desks on the market that are spacious enough to support a few monitors to boost your productivity at work.

See our selection below.

Weehom Reversible L-Shaped Desk

One of the most modern-looking desks available today, the design of this desk is an “L” shape making it easy to place monitors around you and giving you a good amount of space to move around while writing or programming. 

The 22-inch deep double spacious desktop provides plenty of room for multiple medium-sized monitors, along with extra space to add any added decorations to add your own touch to the desk.

Being 30 inches high, it also grants a huge amount of legroom, making it extremely comfortable. 

There is even an option to buy this desk in an industrial brown style, slightly cheaper than the others.

While this color may not be as smooth or elegant as the dark teak or gray-brown, it is still very modern and can be worth considering if you want to shave a bit off the price point. 

The desk is also extremely sturdy, being made of P2 class particle board and thicker strong steel frames to keep the legs strong and durable.

With a few colors to choose from, this is a great option for a desk that will support multiple monitors while also giving you maximum comfort with how spacious it is.


  • The L-shaped design makes the desk very spacious 
  • Lots of leg room provides extra comfortability 
  • Thick, durable legs with a long service life
  • Multiple colors to choose from


  • Customers report that instructions for setting up are not very clear

Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk

An office desk that is both efficient but also stylish, this office desk can blend perfectly with the wooden interior of any living room and can give off a very traditional look that still looks sleek and modern.

The ample surface space is wide enough to support two large monitors or three or four smaller ones, and you won’t have to worry about fitting a keyboard into all this because the desk comes with a flip-down slide-out shelf for a keyboard and mouse, and is even fitted with safety stops to ensure it does not pop out on its own.

The drawer on the left of the desk is a wide storage area that can be used either to place documents or to place the CPU.

The drawer on the right is designed to hold letters and files so that you can keep them neat and tidy while being close by. 

The wooden design is extremely sturdy making it very long-lasting and with it being easy to put together usually taking no more than 2 hours, this is a great office desk that supports multiple monitors and can fit perfectly as a decorative part of the house with its stylish wooden texture.


  • A sleek wooden design 
  • Spacious drawer storage on each side
  • Wide surface space for 2 to 3 monitors 
  • Multiple color choices 


  • Quite heavy 

GreenForest L-Shaped Desk

One major problem that comes with buying a new office desk—and especially ones that are more spacious—is that they can often be quite expensive.

The beauty of the GreenForest desk is that while it can still support multiple monitors with its modern L-shaped design, it is one of the most affordable office desks on the market for what it offers.

The desk has a spacious length of 18 inches from left to right, being able to hold around 3 medium-sized monitors.

The desk is made up of 3 boards that can be moved around while setting the desk up, so feel free to place the longest board wherever you like. 

The surface itself is made of high-quality eco-friendly P2 particles and is both moisture-proof and scratch-resistant, meaning despite its generous price point, you can still be sure it will pick up hardly any damage in the long run.

Reviews have also stated that the desk is incredibly easy to set up simply requiring a few screws and taking no longer than an hour at most.

With four colors to choose from including a rustic brown and dark walnut, this is an excellent desk choice that provides enough space and comfortability for a few monitors that won’t require you to break the bank.


  • Very affordable for its quality 
  • L-shaped modern design 
  • Several color options
  • Eco-friendly P2 particle surface 
  • Moisture and scratch-resistant 


  • Unlikely to hold more than 3 monitors 

Sedeta Two-Person Desk

Maybe you have another person with a few monitors looking for a desk too, if so you can kill two birds with one stone with this two-person desk.

The 94-inch-long desk is blocked in the middle by a small intersection, however, all of the space can be used for monitors with up to three being supported for each person’s side. 

Of course, you can also just use this personally if you want a spacious desk that will support as many monitors as possible.

Some of the extra additions also make this product well worth looking into, some of these include a printer stand, power strip with USB ports fitted in and even adjustable monitor stands allowing you to set how high or low you want the monitor to be.

Also coming equipped with a keyboard and mouse tray, this is a perfect option as a desk with a lot of space that can be a great working station for two people with a few monitors, or if you just want a large surface space to yourself.


  • Two-person functionality
  • Various colors
  • The 94-inch wide design supports many monitors 
  • Power strip, printing stands, and adjustable monitor stands included 


  • Monitor stands tend to shake, customers say

Sedeta L-Shaped Desk

Maybe you have several monitors and are looking for the maximum amount of space possible to fit them all. If so, this Sedeta L-shaped desk is one of the biggest options currently available

The reason the desk is so spacious is because it is made up of several compartments, at the highest point there is a monitor shelf that can hold up to three monitors on its own.

Below that is an L-shaped work surface where you can place keyboards and mouses along with other monitors on the left side.

There is then a storage cabinet to the right with a surface that can be used for decorations, a printer, or another monitor. 

With plenty of legroom and a personal cabinet included for any documents or letters, this desk is incredibly spacious allowing you to place monitors all around it and making it incredibly convenient for when you need multiple tabs or programs open at the same time right in front of you.

Both the black and rustic brown options are very sleek and waterproof making them extremely easy to clean and ensuring they don’t pick up too much damage after continuous usage. 


  • Incredibly spacious with multiple compartments 
  • Two stylish colors 
  • Great for added accessories and decorations 
  • Supports at least 4 monitors at a time


  • Slightly more expensive compared to our other picks

ODK Super Large Computer Desk

Another very large desk that is a bit cheaper and horizontal rather than being L-shaped, the ODK Super Large Desk is certainly very big being 63 inches the whole way across. However, you can also buy versions smaller than this—at 31, 39, and 47 inches.

The surface is water-resistant and scratch-resistant giving it a lot of durability, along with adjustable foot pads that help keep the desk stable even on uneven flooring.

With plenty of legroom, the desk also comes with a versatile hook that can be used to hang up headphones or any other gadgets you may need at the ready.

All tools required to build the desk are also included along with a detailed manual allowing for a hassle-free and time-saving setup. 

For such a wide surface that can provide for at least 4 monitors, and even more, if they are on the smaller side, the pricing for this desk is extremely generous for just how useful this desk can be.


  • Very spacious providing for at least 4 monitors 
  • Range of sizes 
  • Fairly low price point 
  • Adjustable foot pads
  • Wide range of colors 


  • Not many extra additions 

Bestar Universal Collection Computer Desk

This product is by far the most expensive option on this list. However, if you have a bit of money to spend and are looking to buy the most state-of-the-art desk on the market right now, the Bestar Computer Desk is certainly the perfect option.

While the surface itself can hold anywhere from 3 to 5 monitors, the desk also doubles as an executive workspace having wide scratch-resistant compartments with an L-shaped design and two adjustable shelves just above with multiple file drawers to the side.

While it can take a while to set up, in the end, this is more than worth it for the person who doesn’t mind spending a little more for one of the best-looking and most spacious desks that will make you feel like you’re in a real office whenever you use it.


  • Stylish engineered wood
  • Very spacious L-shaped design supporting at least 4 monitors 
  • Choice of 2 colors 
  • Plenty of storage space included
  • Thick stable footing perfect for any surface 


  • Very expensive 
  • Requires 2 people to assemble

Buyer’s Guide

A desk certainly needs to be spacious enough to provide for several monitors.

However, there are some other factors that can make an office desk that much more efficient and comfortable to look out for when researching which to buy.


Desks can come in all kinds of shapes whether it’s the standard horizontal flat surface, the popular L-shaped design, or even a circular desk with a chair in the middle.

The particular shape is up to you and what you feel would fit your home best, however, L-shaped desks specifically have been growing in popularity because they often allow for more space and versatility.

L-shaped desks also allow you to have the monitors more spaced out rather than having them all crammed in front of you which can end up getting a little confusing.

Instead, you can have a monitor or two to your left for specific information with the others directly in front of you, or if you are a big fan of decorating your personal space an L-shaped desk can be perfect giving you enough space to set up any decorations, photos or displays alongside space for monitors and stationary.

Because of the way they are designed they also take up less actual space in the home, easily being able to fit comfortably in any corner rather than extending across a room.

This is not to say regular horizontal desks are much worse, actually, they are often a lot cheaper and can sometimes have more draws and storage spaces built into them.

This all comes down to personal preference, however, for space alone L shaped desks can often provide more.


When you are first buying an office desk the color and design may be one of the last things on your mind, however, because desks can be quite pricey and since you’ll be using it for hopefully years down the line, you will want to choose a desk that you know will fit well in the home and that you will still like the look of in the near future. 

Most desks come in a rustic brown and black color, however, you can certainly find wooden desks in a range of other colors such as red with oak and cherry wood.

Wood desks will often blend nicely with a more traditionally designed home that incorporates a lot of blacks and browns into its design. 

Desks made of metal and polystyrene are usually seen as more modern or even futuristic, so it is all about choosing the style you know will be the perfect fit for your house for years to come.

Scratch And Water Resistant 

Being scratch-resistant and waterproof are features that come with most desks nowadays, however, it is always worth double-checking because while it may not seem like it, it is actually one of the most important additions.

Over time it is incredibly easy for desks to pick up scratch marks, this can not only happen from continuously moving monitors, computers, and keyboards around but if you have any pets such as cats that can easily jump onto the desk then it makes scratches even more likely.

This is most often the case with wooden desks which tend to scratch a lot easier than metal desks.

Being scratch-resistant is therefore a huge bonus that will keep your desk looking new as long as you have it with no need to worry about it getting degraded or easily damaged. 

Being water-resistant is another added bonus that will make your life easier.

We’ve all been there where we have a glass of water at our side only for us or a pet to knock it over creating an unwanted mess and requiring immediate cleanup.

Even worse is if this splashes over any keyboards, monitors, or plugs which it can potentially damage, and being water-resistant mitigates essentially all of these issues.


Using multiple monitors at a time is a great idea and can make working at home so much easier.

A desk with a lot of space is obviously the most important part, but be sure to also pay attention to any added compartments along with the design and material to make sure you choose a desk you will like the look and feel of for a few years.

These listed office desks are the best on the market right now for how spacious and comfortable they are to use when utilizing several monitors at once, so check out each to find which one you feel would suit your needs the best. 

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