The Best Office Chairs for Tall Persons

Find the best office chair for a person who is taller in stature. One that looks great, is built well, and provides great comfort.

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Being tall isn’t easy… especially when it comes to furniture.

The sofas are short, the bar stools are low, and, sometimes, you even have to watch out for the chandeliers on low ceilings! But one of the biggest challenges of being a tall person is the chairs you sit on.

Nowhere is this more true than in the office. If that office chair you sit on for eight plus hours a day isn’t very comfortable, you’re setting yourself up for lower back pain and thigh discomfort.

The good news is that there is an easy way to fix this:

Simply get yourself a new chair! There are plenty of chairs out there that will be great for a taller person.

But where can you find a great chair for a tall person, you asked? What features would one of these chairs need to have to give longer legs and torso that extra bit of support?

Also, will you have to spend a ton of money on one of these chairs, whichever they year? Well, if you are suffering from back and leg pain from your chair, then we would recommend you keep reading.

Because we rounded up the best office chairs for tall people—and wrote a buying guide that answers all of your questions, and more.

The Best Office Chairs for Tall People

SUNNOW Desk Chair

SUNNOW Desk Chair

The SUNNOW Desk Chair is great because it has a really high back and neck rest as well as an adjustable lower base, which allows you to get your feet just high enough off the ground.

It comes with adjustable lumbar support, too, so you won’t have to worry about getting pinched nerves or hurting your lower back.

Oh, and we almost forgot:

This chair also comes with other adjustable options, such as the armrests. This will help you to maintain a more comfortable and supported posture for a lot longer. For example, you will find that you’re not as hunched.

It has a soft-foam seat that will cushion your posterior, something very important when it comes to keeping the right amount of blood circulation in your legs.

The SUNNOW Desk Chair comes with a breathable mesh at the back that will help air to circulate.

This will be very important if you are wanting to reduce the amount of sweat that often accumulates after long hours in the same position.

If you are tall, you’ll need your seat to be pressed right up against the back of the foam cushion. The seat is wide, making it perfect for supporting you in the lower half of your body.


  • Tilting function: If you fancy lounging back in your chair, then this is a great model to have. This will help you to achieve better circulation in your legs.
  • Adjustable elements: You can raise this one up and down as well as adjust the arms for greater support and slouch prevention.
  • Comfortable foam seat: This will allow you to sit in your chair for a lot longer, especially if you are taller.
  • Neck and back support: This will help you support the entire length of your spine, which will keep you comfortable and not cause any cramping or pinched nerves.


  • Expensive: This is one of the more expensive chairs, which might not appeal to anyone who is trying to save as much money as possible.

Amazon Basics Faux Leather Office Chair

The is a super-comfortable option, coming from Amazon’s own Basics range. This is a highly rated chair, coming in a luxury leather upholstery.

If you are looking for something that will keep you supported all the way up to the nape of your neck, then this is a great one to have.

This leather upholstered chair will be very easy to clean. It will also be extremely easy to clean and is also very durable. This will be very important if you are going to be sitting in it for a long time.

This comes with flip-up armrests that will help keep your torso elevated rather than allowing you to slump forward. This is good for maintaining a decent posture that will lead to correcting other issues.

It comes with extra padding on the back that will give you that added layer of comfort, which will allow you to stay in your chair for longer.

The is made from faux leather, so you can be sure that no animals were harmed in the making of this chair.

It also has a durable base, which is very important for keeping you elevated to the correct position. You can also adjust the height of this chair.


  • Luxurious comfort: if you want to stay comfortable in your chair for longer, then this is one of the better models on this list.
  • Great construction: if you want a chair that will not sag or go lopsided after just a few months, then this is a great model to have.
  • Durable: often chairs like this that will be used for a prolonged period of time will start to come apart at the seams after a few months. Not so with this one!
  • Adjustable: if you are taller and are having trouble getting into the right position, then you can always alter the armrests and base to get yourself in a more comfortable position.


  • Leather might not be comfortable: this leather upholstery might not hold you that well in place and you might experience sliding.

Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

Alera ALEELT4214F Elusion II Series 275 lbs. Capacity Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair with Adjustable Arms - Black

The Alera Elusion Swivel Chair is a great medium-range chair, giving you everything that you need for premium support but at a modest price.

It comes with a breathable mesh back that will allow air to circulate where the flesh presses against the chair.

The Alera Elusion Swivel Chair will reduce sweating and sores which can often make sitting in a chair like this for long periods very difficult.

It has a high back, which is great if you are taller. It also has a lumbar curve in the back that will preserve the natural curve in your spine.

That’s great for alleviating any stress in your torso in general.

It’s fully adjustable, both in the general height of the chair and the arms. This will allow you to adopt the perfect position for your whole body.

There’s an optional height lift that will allow you to get your feet in the right position.

Very often, having a chair that is too low to the ground will cause your feet to drag and give you pain in the back of your thighs.

This chair comes with wheels, which is great if you need to scoot from one desk to another. It is also great for saving you effort from getting up and down constantly during your day.


  • Adjustable: if you need to raise or lower the armrests to accommodate your frame or whether you need to raise the height of the back, then this is the chair for you.
  • Breathable mesh: this comes with a mesh that will allow the air to circulate, reducing the amount of sweat and ultimately discomfort.
  • Good price: this is a cheaper chair than some of the other ones that we have on this list, meaning that you won’t have to sacrifice functionality for expense.
  • Soft: this chair is very comfortable, allowing taller people not to feel the pinch in certain areas like the back of their thighs or the lower neck.


  • No neck rest: if you are looking for that extra level of support in the neck, then you might want to look at another chair.

CoVibrant Well-Cushioned Stool

CoVibrant Well Cushioned Stool with Wheels Adjustable Rolling Stool with Back Foot Rest for Office Home Kitchen Massage Medical Lab Salon Artist (Grey)

The next chair in our roundup, the CoVibrant Well-Cushioned Stool, is something a little different—it is a comfortable stool that can be adjusted to easily suit the taller person.

This is great if you do not like being confined to a chair and you enjoy the freedom of using a stool.

This chair can be extended up to 27-inches, which is perfect if you are a taller individual. It also comes with a lower backrest that will allow you to recline in an almost standing position.

All in all, a great chair for anyone that uses a standing desk. You won’t be restricted with armrests and will be able to swivel 360 degrees in whatever direction you like.

This one comes with a wide seat that you can use to get really comfortable. This is great if you suffer from pinching in the backs of your thighs when sitting in ill-fitting chairs.

The CoVibrant Well-Cushioned Stool has a sturdy footrest that will allow you to perch comfortably. This will also allow you to lean forward without becoming too top-heavy.

This chair will promote good lumbar posture by allowing you the freedom of movement that is so often lacking in high-backed office chairs.


  • Adjustable: If you are looking for a chair that can be augmented for your height, then you can’t go far wrong with this stool.
  • Sleek: This is a very stylish chair that comes in a few different colors. It will complement an office-type environment or a home workspace.
  • Cushioned: When it comes to stools, this is not a wood and metal affair. It comes with padding on the bottom that will allow you better movement and promote circulation.
  • Swivels: You can move in a multi-directional angle with this stool. This allows you great mobility and will put less strain on your legs and lower back.


  • Not as relaxing as a regular office chair: You might experience some strain in your lower back if you do not move around enough on this stool.

Kaleurrier Ergonomic Saddle Stool

Kaleurrier Ergonomic Rolling Swivel Saddle Stool with Wheels,Hydraulic Pneumatic Lifting Height Adjustable Saddle Chair for Clinic Hair Salon Lab Kitchen Home Office Drafting Chairs (White, With Back)

Finally, we have a chair for someone that likes a halfway house between the stool and the traditional office chair. It’s the Kaleurrier Ergonomic Saddle Stool, which makes the best of both of these types of chairs.

If you want an adjustable backrest, then this chair has it. You can alter the incline of your backrest to suit your particular postural needs. It comes with a handle underneath that you can adjust as you sit.

This chair comes with shapes posterior seating which is just perfect for a comfortable seat. This molded to your butt, which will enable you to get comfortable and sit for much longer.

It has ergonomic backrest features, which will reduce the pain that you get in the main stress regions when sitting down: the lower back and the shoulders.

The Kaleurrier Ergonomic Saddle Stool has an adjustable base, and that’s great for taller people. You can set this one as high as it will go and use it in much the same way as you’d use a stool.

And let’s not forget the comfortable footrest and castors that will allow you to scoot across wood and carpet without damaging the floor!

This freedom of movement will allow you to flex your legs and promote circulation.


  • Flexible: This chair can be molded to suit any frame of person, whether you are tall or short, this chair has everything to accommodate your posture.
  • Stylish: One of the coolest-looking chairs that we’ve seen, it’s available in a pristine white that will complement any office or home environment.
  • Good posture adjustment: if you are looking to be raised high above the ground, then you can alter the base so that your legs rest comfortably. You can also adjust the backrest for greater support.
  • Good upholstery: this comes made with a durable PVC that is not only comfortable but easy to wipe down afterward.


  • Not as comfortable as a traditional chair: if you are used to sitting in a traditional office chair with arms and headrests, then this might take some getting used to.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are getting the right chair for a taller person, then you will need to have certain specifications in mind.

For example, the seat should be wide enough to support the length of the thighs and the backrest should be adjustable. Here are a few things that you’ll be looking out for:

How Adjustable Is It?

An adjustable chair can mean many things. Some chairs only have an adjustable height and backrest, others have adjustable arms. Ultimately this will all come down to preference.

Having your arms supported will help circulation to the upper part of your body. It will also help to support your shoulders as well as your upper back.

What Is It Made From?

When it comes to having a chair that you can sit in for the long term, then the material will really matter.

You can get chairs that come with very comfortable memory foam underneath that will mold to the shape of your lower back and posterior.

You can also get chairs that are made from leather. This is not only a very durable material but it can also be cleaned very easily.

All you have to do to get rid of any coffee or food stains is wipe it down with a wet wipe.

Does It Have Lumbar Support?

This will come in many forms, whether it is a neck rest that will help support your head or a curve in the base that will help you adopt a neutral pelvic position when sitting down.

The purpose of having these lumbar elements is to make sure that you are not over- or under-extending these areas and causing yourself injury.

How Much Will It Cost?

A lot of the chairs will all the bells and whistles will often cost you a lot more than the chairs that have just the basic features.

If you are looking for sturdy arm and leg support, then this might add a few hundred dollars to your final price.

Things like materials will also have an effect on price. You’ll find that leather chairs are much more expensive than fabric chairs.

However, fabric chairs are more comfortable, although they will start to fray and tear quicker than leather chairs over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Correct Seat Height For My Height?

In general, if you are around 6ft, the base of your seat should extend to at least 20-inches. This is very important for getting your feet off the floor and ensuring that they do not drag.

What Problems Can Taller Office Chair Users Experience?

You might often feel that you are hunching because the backrest of your chair does not extend high enough.

Another common issue is the back of the seat cutting into the thighs, which can often cause loss of circulation and leg pain.

If you are in an uncomfortable chair, you also might be suffering from squashed vertebrae in the lower spine, which will start to cause you significant pain, especially if you are not moving enough.

What Can I Do To Alleviate My Spine Pain?

A: Make sure that you are taking regular breaks from your work to walk about and encourage circulation into your legs and arms.

You should also make sure that your desk height is roughly at elbow height. If your desk is too low or high, you might find yourself hunching or stooping forward.


We hope that this article has helped you find the best office chair for your taller frame. Remember to always check the material and adjustable elements of your chair before purchasing.

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